• Jo Hannah Afton

    Screenwriter | Producer

  • Projects

    Night Nurse



    Scheduled for distribution on Lifetime TV network 2018.

    Banking on Death by Emma Lathan

    In Pre-production

    An old school mystery.

    The first of a 24 part mystery series for VOD and online streaming.

    Hells Canyon

    OPTIONED | Pre Production

    A mystical adventure drama.

    About Chase


    A romantic drama.

    Inspired by THE LADY FROM THE SEA, by Henrik Ibsen.

    Ghosts in the Fire


    A dark family drama.

    Top 20% ~ 2017 Academy of Motion Pictures

    Nicholl Fellowship Contest.

  • I specialize in female protagonists.



    Expect to see complex women on the verge of a defining moment; female anti-heroes; women who have lost their way; young women, old women, middle-aged women, and women on the hunt for a better life.



    You will NOT see: gratuitous unavenged rape scenes, helpless women being rescued by male heroes, or women that stand on the sidelines.



    My leading ladies are in it to win it, and

    when they venture out, they're on their own to solve whatever life throws their way. Some will go to hell and back to get what they want, and others will die trying. My stories are emotional, messy, suspenseful... my subjects can be controversial, and my lead characters unpredictable.


    It's her world. It's her story. We're just along for the ride.


    Best you buckle up.

    Women have stories.

    I tell them.










    Character Driven



    Altered States


    Small Town Life



  • Contact me



    Contact me to discuss working on your next female-driven concept. I write to your specs, on your budget. Your creative vision is important to me.



    Sink Your Teeth Into This


    Are you looking for a script that has that "perfect role" designed for you? Do you need a break out film to showcase your talent? Over 30 and tired of playing the Playground Mom or the Diner Waitress? Hire me to write a script just for you, based on your talents, skills, interests and physical abilities. Take that ball and run! I got you.




    Are you interested in helping to finance my work, or a project that I am producing? I often have projects in development that are not public, so feel free to inquire about investment opportunities.

  • References

    Writing samples and additional references are available. Just ask!

    Dawn Davis

    Producer / Actress

    Working with Jo Hannah Afton has truly been one of the creative highlights of my life. I found her after a year-long search so I'd read a ton of writers and her work stood out head-and-shoulders above the rest. Together we are developing her script into an acting/producing vehicle for me. Without exception, Jo Hannah has been open, collaborative, passionate and dedicated to this process. She receives feedback without defensiveness and generates ideas faster than anyone I know. She is highly self-motivated and always works ahead of schedule to the point that official deadlines have become unnecessary.


    Jo Hannah is particularly suited to creating content that empowers women actors, directors and producers. If you want to take the reins of your career in your own hands, she will prove herself to be an invaluable teammate on your journey. The notes that we've received on Jo Hannah's screenplay have been glowing; so many people have expressed their astonishment to me regarding her talent, speed and skill.

    ~ Los Angeles, CA


    Boyd McCollum

    Writer | Producer | Director

    I've been fortunate to read several of Jo Hannah's screenplays. She is a phenomenal storyteller with an incredible ear for authentic dialogue that expresses character and moves the story forward. Jo Hannah creates unique, three-dimensional characters the jump off the page. Her screenplays are crisp and clean, easy to read that keeps you turning the page.

    Beyond her writing, which is first rate, what I value most in the time I've worked with Jo Hannah is the openness she has to collaboration and feedback. She intuitively knows which piece of advice works and is able to successfully incorporate suggestions into the next draft of her screenplay.

    Jo Hannah writes hard and fast, is a joy to work with, and would be an asset on any creative team she joins. I've been fortunate in my life to work with many high quality creatives, and without a doubt, Jo Hannah is an A-level talent.

    ~ Boulder, Colorado

    Ben Johnson

    Script writer, Story Analyst, Script editor

    As a screenwriter and script consultant from South Africa, I highly recommend Jo Hannah's script editing skills. She is honest, tactful, professional and has an uncanny ability to find plot weakenesses and suggest changes that lift a story instantly. She is undoubtably one of the most talented script consultants I've worked with.

    ~ South Africa

    Larry Woldenberg

    Screen and Stageplay Writer

    Jo Hannah is one of the most talented writers I've personally come across. Her grasp of subtext, characterization and structure enabled her to critically assess my own film script to bring it up to commercial level. She's awesome!

    ~ Sydney, Australia


  • Look inside.

    It's the only adventure that counts.

  • 51%

    Where are the female stories?

    Writing Fun| Ep. 83 : Screenwriting for Beginners

  • Education

    BA Theater | Mass Media ~ Professional Screenwriting ~ Fund Development

    Professional Development

    Professional Screenwriting Courses 

    2014 - Present

    12 Day Production Workshop:

    Tom Kane



    Mentorship Program: Chris Soth

    Jan 2016 -- Dec 2016


    Master Screenwriting Certificate

    January 2015 -- August 2016


    Master Class with Aaron Sorkin

    July 2016 -- August 2016


    Mini Movie Method Class

    May 2015 - June 2015


    Professional Screenwriting Program

    August 2014 - February 2015

    Rollins College

    Professional Certificate Fund Development

    2002 – 2003

    Professional Certificate in Non-Profit Fundraising & Fund Development, including grants, and corporate relations. 

    State University of New York College at Plattsburgh

    Bachelor's Degree Theater / Mass Media (Film / TV) 1984 – 1988

    Double Major in Mass Media and Theater. Received Theater department award for highest GPA in the department, 1988.